Jockstrap for Men and Partner Fun

My partner decided to spice thing up in the bedroom by wearing a jockstrap for men. I thought he had lost his mind as every time I see a jockstrap I think about all the teasing I got when I was a kid in gym class. I just couldn’t understand why he would think something like this would spice up anything, especially in our bedroom. But he actually looked pretty good in it and I was willing to give it a try just to see what it would be like. I am glad I did, too, as it turned out to be the sexiest thing ever.

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Now, you have to understand that the jockstrap for men he was wearing was completely different from the ones that you would normally see guys wearing in gym class. This was like an extra special sexy type of design versus the typical jockstrap that holds a cup in place to protect yourself with sports. This was something that I had never seen before and, once I realized just how sexy it was on him, all I could think about was ripping it off. But it’s much better to keep the strap on and have fun that way.

He has worn that jockstrap for men almost every night since purchasing it and it has definitely spiced things up quite a bit. In fact, I would have to say that our time in the bedroom has doubled since he started wearing that strap and, now, I am thinking about buying my own to go along with it. I want it to be a secret, though, so that I can surprise him the same way that he did with me. I might even start wearing mine all the time so that I can keep that sexiness going even while I am at work.

Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

I used to
wear a jockstrap for men when I was in sports, but apparently there is a fetish
regarding the wearing of these items now. I had no idea that something I used
to wear to keep my cup in place and protect my balls would ever be considered
something sexy to wear in the bedroom. I guess it takes all kinds to make the
world move around. I just wish I knew that it was going to be something of a
trend when I still was wearing my old jockstrap in high school.

jockstrap for men fetish these days has a few differences, though. I have found
some that I would never attempt to wear as protective gear simply because they
aren’t really protecting much of anything. In fact, they look more like they
are showing parts of your body off rather than keeping it tucked away nice and
safe. I guess you wouldn’t want to get hit in the balls either way, but these
erotic options for jockstraps would definitely make you think twice about
accidently putting one on before a big game. Either way, I might just have to
try one of these someday to see what all the fuss is about.


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