A Colorful Jockstrap for Men


Most people think of a jockstrap for men in terms of those athletic devices that guys wear when they’re playing sports and want to protect the family jewels. In all honesty, the jockstraps used expressly for that purpose are some of the ugliest items ever known to man. It’s understandable that those things would never seem sexy or enticing in any way, shape or form. No, those aren’t the jockstraps that I’m talking about here. The ones I’m talking about are those newly created ones for men that want to be unique as well as ready for any sexual situation that may spontaneously present itself.


These new designs of a jockstrap for men are silky, sexy and colorful. They’re made to seduce and tempt those significant others in your life. Now while you may not have ever heard of or seen a colorful jockstrap, it’s fun to know that they do exist. Obviously, you probably won’t find them in any of the normal department stores, but you can find them on plenty of mens specialty websites on the Internet. That’s the best place to shop for them if you decide you want to try being a bit different for your partner.


Something else that should be pointed out with these particular jockstraps is that they are great if you happen to go clubbing a lot and tend to end up in a bathroom stall somewhere. A jockstrap for men will have you easily accessible in seconds. If the jockstrap you’re wearing happens to be colorful; that’s even better! Imagine how excited and delighted your partner of the moment will be at discovering what you’re wearing under your pants. In fact, other guys are probably going to be asking you where you found your particular jockstrap. Whether or not you decide to tell them is up to you. Just remember if you do share the information, you’ll have to find a different website to buy yours or you won’t be unique any more.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


The Sexy Jockstrap for Men

Wearing a jockstrap for men is one of the strangest things you can do in the bedroom. I thought my partner was joking when he said he had a surprise for me but, when I walked into the bedroom and saw him standing there wearing nothing except his jockstrap, I wasn’t sure what to do. Part of me wanted to smack him in the head for thinking that a jockstrap was supposed to be sexy while the other part of me wanted to push him to the bed immediately for wearing something that was so sexy.

I know, that is a double standard and, if you haven’t seen a jockstrap for men being worn by my partner, then you wouldn’t understand what I was talking about anyway. Let’s just say that his jockstrap was one of the sexiest, if not wrong, things I have ever witnessed and move on from there. I don’t normally go for the sporty type of guy but seeing him in his jockstrap made me want to get the football out and play a sexy game of catch with him in the back yard. Of course he had his own version of catch that he wanted to play right there in the bedroom. Oddly enough, his version was pretty close to mine.




We have spent a decent amount of money on jockstrap for men items since then and I have no problems with that now. In fact, I enjoy wearing mine when I go to work just so I can think about my partner all day long. Once I get home after doing something like that and I see him in his jockstrap, we end up spending the rest of the night in the bedroom. It’s a great way to relax and have some fun after a long hard day at work, too. Just think of what you would do to your partner for wearing one and you will understand.


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Jockstrap for Men and Sexy Nights

If you are planning on wearing a jockstrap for men as an erotic option, then you probably want to take a look at the ones that are available online. You can use the regular jockstrap that you can find in any sporting goods store but they aren’t going to give you the same feeling of sexiness that you can get from ones specifically designed for sex play. I know it sounds odd to say something like that but it is absolutely true. I even tried a comparison to see which ones would work out better.

My partner loves it when I have my jockstrap for men on because he knows that we are about to have an extremely kinky and fun filled night in the bedroom. I like to tease him a bit by wearing it all day long and letting him sneak a peek every now and then. It makes things much more interesting when he has all that anticipation building up inside him throughout the day. Then he gets his chance to explode into action later that night and that is where the real fun begins to take place.

You might feel a bit strange wearing a jockstrap for men the first time around. I know I did, but it is definitely worth trying out. You have never really experienced the kind of gratification you can get from something like this until you have actually tried it out for yourself. You can read all the information you can find online about how great they are, but you will never truly know until you have one on your own body. That is when you will know for a fact that you are about to experience something that you never would have thought possible and that type of experience is something you will want to relive as often as possible.



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Is there anything more exciting to wear? Jockstrap for men designs rule!

Jockstrap for Men

There is a
fascinating subculture of men in the world that absolutely adore wearing jockstrap for men items on a daily
basis. Now, it is true that most of these guys are gay, but there are still
plenty of straight males willing to wear something like this because of the
comfort that they offer. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not, though;
wearing items like this can bring about a bit of tranquility that no other
items on the market can muster. You just have to be willing to wear them.

Finding your
jockstrap for men items isn’t all
that difficult these days. In fact, you can go into just about any sporting
goods store or most retail chains in the mall and find a jockstrap that you can
wear. On the other hand, if you want something that is designed for more than
just wearing while playing sports, then you need to head to Koalaswim.com. You
will be amazed at the different options that are available to you on their
website, and you might just find that one design you have been searching for
throughout your life.

No matter
what you might think about jockstrap for
items and the guys that wear them, giving them a shot is the only way
you will be able to tell if this is something that you can be comfortable
wearing. You can’t look at a design and decide that you won’t like it. That
would be like not tasting food because of the way it looks on the plate. Sure,
it may not look appetizing but you would probably be surprised at just how good
it actually tasted once you got it in your mouth. The same thing can be said
with jockstraps only you wouldn’t be putting them in your mouth. You would be
wearing them, instead.


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Jockstrap for men with anal stretcher by koalaswim.com intense cock gear

Jockstrap for men with anal stretcher by koalaswim.com

Jockstrap for men spandex freaks

Spandex freaks, jockstrap freaks, underwear freaks some of us all all of those and more. There is no doubt that they are all closely related and most likely if you are fond of jockstrap for men designs you might just have a spandex mens swimwear collection and a cool underwear and panties collection. We love things tight against our cocks. We love people playing with our cocks when they are in jockstrap for men designs. Guys like me enjoy and get turned on by wearing extreme mens swimwear, tiny micro bulge g-strings on the beach so everyone can see my bulge and even the brown hole when I spread my legs.


Here is another Koalaswim original by Michael David

Smoking Gun Micro

The Smoking Gun Micro is what happens when
customers get involved with the design aspects of their swimwear. There were a
lot of men in the world that love the design of the original Smoking Gun, but wanted something a bit
different. They wanted something just a tiny bit smaller and in a nude sheer
material that would show off what they had inside upon closer inspection, but
keep prying eyes away at a distance. The result of the customers’ demands is
the Smoking Gun Micro in all its
wonderful glory.

The object
was to give those guys that didn’t necessarily have large cocks the opportunity
to fill out the shaft like they wanted to with the original Smoking Gun. The addition of the
adjustable rear straps gives you the chance to set your cock exactly where you
want it for that sexual overload you want out of something as hot as the Smoking Gun Micro. This is the perfect
option for any man that wants to have that feeling of wearing a second skin
over his cock while he is walking down the beach or just laying out getting a
tan in the back yard.

You can’t
get any better than the Smoking Gun Micro
if you have a smaller sized cock but still want to show it to the world around
you. Of course, your partner is going to absolutely love seeing you wearing
this piece around the house, too, and it also makes for a great party item.
This is the type of swimwear that all guys should be wearing and only Koalaswim.com
can offer it to you. The Smoking Gun
is the one micro pouch that you are going to absolutely love to wear
no matter what you are doing or how big your cock really is.

Jockstrap for Men

Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Every guy out there that has ever played a school sport knows how beneficial it is to wear a jockstrap for men. This type of apparel enables you to protect what needs to be protected the most and still allows a lot of freedom while you are moving. Of course, they also let you insert a protective cup if you need one to offer you even more confidence on the playing field. But many guys aren’t aware that sites like koalaswim.com offers guys a wide range of erotic jockstraps that you can wear as well. These are more for show than they are for protection, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to protect yourself. Erotic jockstraps are great for showing off what you have to offer to those that you want to show and still enable you to feel safe when you are playing sports or other activities that might cause you to be smacked in a place that was only meant to be treated nicely.

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Something else that an erotic jockstrap for men offers you is the ability to be ready for fun at a moment’s notice, and without having to worry about removing too much clothing. This is definitely a great article of clothing to have on when you go out for the weekend, and it looks great when you are wearing it out on the beach or by a pool during a party. All you have to do is take a look at the different styles that are available at koalaswim.com and you will see why these jockstraps are the best option for guys looking for fun.

Some guys might be thinking that you should only be wearing a jockstrap when you are playing sports like football or baseball, but the truth is you can wear these as your regular underwear whenever you want, and feel good about it, too. A jockstrap for men is the perfect option for any guy that wants to be able to wear something under their pants but still wants the freedom of going commando at the same time. Of course, your partner will be thrilled to know that you are wearing something like this under your clothes as well. Everyone knows that your partner will get turned on when they know you are wearing something as erotic as this under your clothing. In fact, that may be one the best possible reasons to purchase something like this.

You can always buy erotic underwear, and even go without wearing anything if you choose to, but having something like a jockstrap for men on under your pants is pretty close to being one of the hottest things you can do. Not only will you feel sexier, but your partner will notice that you have much more confidence in your everyday actions. Having confidence is one of those things that you should be doing your best to gain and keep every single day of your life, and there are certain types of clothing articles that can help you in getting it much easier. Jockstraps give you that manly feeling when you are wearing them, and that will help you in keeping your confidence.

Going to koalaswim.com and looking at their jockstrap for men styles will help you figure out which style you should be wearing and what they could look like while you are wearing them as well. There aren’t too many sites online that can give you as many styles as koalaswim.com can give you, and they also have a much larger variety of materials. Having this many options may seem a bit challenging at first, but you will soon find that the perfect one for you will jump right out at you in no time at all.

The first thing you are going to need to do when picking out your jockstrap for men is deciding what kind of material you would prefer to wear. There are numerous materials available to you and everyone has different tastes and preferences as to what kind they want to wear. Making this decision is going to be the hardest part of picking out your own jockstrap.

The next thing you will need to worry about is finding the right style for you. Now, this is completely up to you, and you won’t have to do much research, either. There are some styles that have a single G-string aspect to them, and then there are some that have the traditional jockstrap for men look. But if you really want to get into the erotic side of things, you will find that some of the G-string jockstraps have a metal ring in them that gives a bit of easy erotic access to a certain part of your body. That may not be something every guy is looking for, but there are plenty of guys that really enjoy the way that particular aspect. If you are a guy that likes walking wilder side of the street, then this might be just the piece you are looking for to raise the heat of your private parties a bit.

In fact, there are plenty of options when looking for a jockstrap for men available that can create a moment of playful excitement just by wearing them, and they are all on koalaswim.com for you to check out. All you have to do is decide what kind of atmosphere you are looking to bring to the party, and choose the apparel that will bring it. Once you find that certain article that you just can’t live without, all you have to do is purchase it, and then wait for it to show up in your mail.

Ordering online allows you to pick out exactly what you want without someone else watching you while you select something from a store. Having that amount of privacy will allow you to get something that is geared more for your wild side rather than the side you want people to notice when you are out in public. Picking out your jockstrap for men on your own terms will make you feel much better about the product you are choosing, and it will allow you to experiment a bit on the different styles you can wear, too.

Nothing is hotter than feeling comfortable in the clothing you are wearing and, while you may not be walking around in public with nothing but an erotic jockstrap on, you can definitely wear these under your clothing without prying eyes watching your every move. Then, when it’s time for you to showcase your body for your partner, you can have these bad boys on and really turn some heads. Even if the only head you really want to turn is your partner’s, a jockstrap for men is a great way of getting the attention that you want and at the time you want it. You will get to choose when you wear something like this and when you want to wear more traditional underwear, which will allow you to choose the days that you want to show off and be sexy.

An erotic jockstrap is one of the closest ways of wearing absolutely nothing while still feeling that certain parts are being covered. Of course, you can always wear one of those pouches that koalaswim.com offers and get an even greater feeling of wearing nothing. However, a jockstrap for men will do just fine for guys that aren’t ready to walk around completely naked, but don’t want the restrictions that traditional underwear brings with it. By wearing a jockstrap you are allowing yourself to feel the freedom that nature intended, but you also get the feeling of being secure and protected in a way.

There are plenty of other erotic underwear options available that can give you this same sensation, but the jockstraps at koalaswim.com are much hotter to look at. All you have to do to find this out is put one on and ask your partner what they think of it. You will be pleasantly surprised when they tell you how sexy you look in this jockstrap for men and all the things that will end up happening because you are wearing that jockstrap as well.

Who wouldn’t want to impress their partner with something as erotic and sexy as wearing a jockstrap on a special occasion? This is the perfect time to pull something special out and really give your partner something to look at. Just imagine all the different holidays that you can wear these fascinating garments. Picture yourself on Valentine’s Day wearing a one of erotic jockstraps you have ever seen, and the look on your partner’s face when you finally reveal the present that you have been wearing for them. You know that wearing an erotic jockstrap for men on special days for your partner will bring in a few extra bonus favors throughout the rest of the year, and that is always something to look forward to.

There are numerous ways that you can utilize erotic wear to have some fun in your life. In fact, there are so many different ways of creating erotic wear for men that you might not realize just how many guys are actually wearing things like this on a daily basis. You could be sitting in an office meeting with your boss and co-workers and never even suspect that they are all wearing something a bit erotic underneath their suits. How interesting would it be if all of their clothes suddenly fell off and revealed that each man in the office meeting was wearing an erotic jockstrap for men? Now, THAT would be one of the most entertaining office meetings the world has ever seen, but you would be the only one that wouldn’t be a part of that meeting because you were wearing briefs or something.

Not everyone can handle wearing erotic garments like this every day, but there are some guys out there that can’t seem to live without wearing something more erotic under their clothing. These are the guys that are more willing to go out on the town and have some real fun when the opportunity arises. The guys that don’t wear something like an erotic jockstrap for men all the time are the ones that have to plan things out. They never let themselves be surprised by a spur of the moment decision.

Now, the question you have to ask yourself is whether you are a spontaneous individual or if you are a guy that has planned everything out ahead of time? If you want to have a more spontaneous life, then you will need to find something erotic that you can wear every day. Some items at koalaswim.com will allow you to feel comfortable while wearing them every day, but there are some items that would probably be a bit uncomfortable if you were wearing them for more than a couple of hours at a time. You will need to look through the long list of apparel that you can choose from and find something that is erotic yet looks comfortable enough to wear day in and day out.

While wearing a jockstrap for men can be uncomfortable at times, it is probably the easiest way to feel spontaneous at a moment’s notice without wearing accessories like a chastity cage or multiple cock rings. This doesn’t mean that you will suddenly get the feeling to run off to a foreign country and become a lounge singer or anything like that; but you will be more apt to decide to go out and have some fun without making any plans for it like you normally would. You will get to live your life freely and without hesitation, in ways that you never thought were possible before, and it will all be due to your decision to purchase something that is a bit more erotic than what you normally wear, such as a sexy jockstrap for men.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself, and there is nothing wrong with wearing things that help you make a statement about who you are either. Now is your chance to get out there and have some fun with your life, after all the whole meaning of life is to experience the different sensations that your sense recognize. You should be able to enjoy everything around you as much as possible and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to have some fun at the same time.

Purchasing something like an erotic jockstrap for men could be the one single action in your life to make you the talk of the town. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around your neighborhood wearing nothing but that jockstrap, either. The confidence you will gain by wearing something erotic under your clothing will help you in making friends and doing things you normally wouldn’t do. This confidence will also allow you to become the life of the party, and that will mean people around you will start to recognize you for who you are and not what your represent to the outside world. Sure, it will take a bit of work on your part, and you might feel a bit self-conscious when you first start wearing a sexy jockstrap for men around. But the good news is that you will get used to it fairly quickly and, once you are comfortable walking around in a jockstrap every day, you will be more confident in your dealings with other people.

The main thing you need to realize is that you should be able to enjoy wearing things like an erotic jockstrap without assuming that people will look at you strangely while you are in public walking around. In fact, there is a pretty good chance that no one will even know that you are wearing a really sexy jockstrap for men under your clothing unless you tell them, or suddenly start stripping off your clothes. Since most people aren’t willing to come out and tell every stranger they meet on the street that they are wearing erotic jockstraps or other sex related apparel underneath their clothing, then you are almost guaranteed that no one will notice anything different about you at all. Take a chance and have some fun with what you are wearing, and you will see first-hand why erotic apparel and sexy jockstraps will go hand in hand with your daily routine. It may seem a bit odd at first but you will find that an erotic jockstrap for men is more comfortable and easier to deal with than even boxers can be, and that is something every guy can live with happily.

Check out koalaswim.com and see what kind of choices you have to play around with and you should be able to find something that will allow you to enjoy your life just a bit more than traditional underwear allows. Besides, your partner deserves something special from time to time, and this is one of the easiest ways of giving that unique sexual aspect to them without breaking your bank account or causing your partner to question your decision as to your choice of erotic options.