The Modern Sexy Jockstrap for Men



You probably remember a jockstrap for men as being those items guys playing sports used to protect their family jewels. The jockstrap was meant to keep these precious parts from being harmed or irreparably damaged while playing contact sports such as football, basketball, or any other sort of athletic activity that stood a good chance of wrecking that very sensitive area of a man’s body. These devices seemed to work just fine for what they were intended. The problem was that they were simply white and boring.

These days, there is a totally different use for a jockstrap for men. Designers have taken this item and re-worked it so that it is barely recognizable as the garment that was formerly used just to protect a man’s genitals. Now, it has been transformed into a very sexy undergarment that men can wear with or in place of their underwear. It works out great as an item to wear out to the clubs. You can have a quickie in the mens room without even having to pull your pants all the way down. Your ass is completely exposed to be the recipient or you only need to pull it aside to enable you to be the pitcher.

Once these new designs came about for a jockstrap for men, it became a whole new ballgame. Nothing can quite compare to the new and improved products. These jockstraps are now made from all sorts of fabrics and are available in every color you can think of. More men every day are starting jump on the bandwagon and have at least a couple of these items among their underwear. Many men love showing these off to their partners or to new potential partners that they bring home with them from the club. They have gone from useful items to super sexy ones almost all in one move.





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Adjusting to Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Adjusting to Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

One of the most interesting things about wearing a
jockstrap for men is the fact that I don’t have to wear any of my underwear anymore.
I always tend to get rashes from the material of my underwear rubbing against
my legs, except for silk boxers, but I’m not comfortable with spending that
much money for underwear. However, the jockstraps don’t cause me any issues
while I am wearing them and I feel just as comfortable as I probably would if I
could actually wear something like normal underwear. Sometimes, I wish that I
could wear regular underwear like everyone else, but then, I think how awesome
it is to be different.

Some guys know that wearing a jockstrap for men is
one of those high school memories that they would love to forget about, but I
never actually wore one back then. I simply had to go commando in high school
and college for that matter because of this strange physical aversion to
underwear. I am the only guy that I know that has something like this about
underwear but, now that I have found a jockstrap won’t cause my rash to appear,
I feel a lot closer to normal than I ever did in the past.


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It wasn’t until recently that I discovered I had a
wider variety of jockstrap for men items to choose from than I would have ever
imagined. I used to have to purchase whatever was in the sporting goods section
and be happy with that, but now I have found online stores that have all kinds
of designs and different materials that these jockstraps can be made out of,
which I find absolutely remarkable. Now I can get skimpy or erotic jockstraps
to show my body off for my partner or I can wear more common designs and be
just like everyone else in the world.