The Modern Sexy Jockstrap for Men



You probably remember a jockstrap for men as being those items guys playing sports used to protect their family jewels. The jockstrap was meant to keep these precious parts from being harmed or irreparably damaged while playing contact sports such as football, basketball, or any other sort of athletic activity that stood a good chance of wrecking that very sensitive area of a man’s body. These devices seemed to work just fine for what they were intended. The problem was that they were simply white and boring.

These days, there is a totally different use for a jockstrap for men. Designers have taken this item and re-worked it so that it is barely recognizable as the garment that was formerly used just to protect a man’s genitals. Now, it has been transformed into a very sexy undergarment that men can wear with or in place of their underwear. It works out great as an item to wear out to the clubs. You can have a quickie in the mens room without even having to pull your pants all the way down. Your ass is completely exposed to be the recipient or you only need to pull it aside to enable you to be the pitcher.

Once these new designs came about for a jockstrap for men, it became a whole new ballgame. Nothing can quite compare to the new and improved products. These jockstraps are now made from all sorts of fabrics and are available in every color you can think of. More men every day are starting jump on the bandwagon and have at least a couple of these items among their underwear. Many men love showing these off to their partners or to new potential partners that they bring home with them from the club. They have gone from useful items to super sexy ones almost all in one move.





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New Uses for the Old Jockstrap for Men

Jockstrap for Men

New Uses for the Old Jockstrap for Men

Most guys
aren’t aware that a jockstrap for men has more to it than simply protecting the
family jewels while playing sports. Well, they don’t actually protect anything,
but they allow the cup to fit properly so that it can protect you better. The
point is, most guys only associate a jockstrap with that type of purpose and
nothing else. You may be surprised to find that they can be used as some of the
sexiest looking and functional underwear you could ever imagine these days. If
you don’t believe that, then take a look at some of the erotic designs that are
available and see what kinds of things start popping into your mind.

The erotic
jockstrap for men has taken on the look and basic functionality of the
traditional jockstrap and turned it into a sexual powerhouse to explore. You
just have to be willing to push the limits of your own sexual exploration and
look deeper into what you want to experience in your life. If you can do that,
then you can find a jockstrap that will turn your entire life completely around
into something that you will enjoy. It’s really simple when you think about it
and besides, wearing one of these jockstraps will have you wondering where you
might be able to have sex next.


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Appreciating the Jockstrap for Men

Appreciating the Jockstrap for Men

Anyone that
is wearing a jockstrap for men these days is either into sports or into having
a lot of fun in the bedroom. There are some guys that are wearing them simply
because they are comfortable, but I am not one of those guys. I like to have as
much fun in the bedroom, or any other room I might be in, and wearing these
jockstraps will definitely give me that kind of fun I am looking for. You would
be amazed at how my partner looks at me when he sees me wearing a jockstrap.

Jockstrap for men designer style support bikinis,thongs,G-strings

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jockstrap for men items that you can find online usually have an erotic bent to
them that will definitely make you feel sexier while wearing them. You may not
see it right away, though, as they are jockstraps after all. But you need to
look past the fact that they are sports related and meant to hold a protective
cup to see the eroticism that can be found within them. If you can do that,
then you will see that there is nothing more comfortable or more erotic than
wearing something like this. In fact, you might find that wearing them is
better than wearing any other form of underwear ever again.


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Jockstrap for Men Traditionalist

Jockstrap for Men Traditionalist

I would love
to wear a jockstrap for men, but I don’t think that I can handle something like
that. I would feel a bit out of place walking down the street knowing that I
was wearing a jockstrap under my pants. Since it would be bothering me that I
was wearing something like that, the people that I pass on the street would
probably start thinking that there was something wrong with me. I know they can
be highly comfortable and everything, but it just seems a bit strange to wear
one unless you are playing some kind of sport.

Maybe the
idea of wearing a jockstrap for men isn’t something that I can fully
understand. Maybe I just don’t feel the same way about things like this that
other guys tend to. Whatever the reason, I just don’t think it would be
something that I could be comfortable with on a daily basis. Now, I might be
talked into wearing one around the house from time to time, if it was just me
and my partner, but anything other than that, I don’t think would work. I guess
I am more of a traditional type guy when it comes to wearing things like this
but that doesn’t mean I’m not open minded.


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