Wearing the New and Improved Jockstrap for Men

Wearing the New and Improved Jockstrap for Men

When it
comes to wearing a jockstrap for men, you have to understand that you aren’t
going to be wearing it like you would if you were playing a sport. Instead, you
are going to be wearing these jockstraps under your normal daily clothes and
walking around in public with them on. Now that might freak some guys out, but
for the rest of us, there is a level of comfort you just can’t get anywhere
else. The fact that it is coming from a jockstrap is just one of those things
you are going to have to get used to in order to enjoy the full experience.

I have been
wearing a jockstrap for men like I would underwear for close to six months now
and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I love how easy they are to get on and
off and how they don’t tend to bunch up like my old boxers used to do. I also
find them mildly erotic in nature when I have them on, which is a feeling I
really enjoy. It’s not so erotic that I am walking around with an erection all
the time, but erotic enough that I can feel like a totally different guy while
wearing them.


Sorry no real models today just a photo of me wearing a jockstrap style spandex suit with built in anal plug cock ring combo which is deep inside of me and a fully exposed shaft and individually display balls up front.

If you have
ever worn a jockstrap for men design, then you know what it’s like to feel
completely free while walking around. Whenever I wore my regular underwear, I
always felt like I was just another cog in the machine doing my daily routine
like everyone else in the world. But once I started wearing a jockstrap, I felt
like I was an individual that could make up his own mind on how to live his
life. It is truly an amazing experience to go through and something that I feel
every guy out there should try at least once in his life.


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Jockstrap for men spandex freaks

Spandex freaks, jockstrap freaks, underwear freaks some of us all all of those and more. There is no doubt that they are all closely related and most likely if you are fond of jockstrap for men designs you might just have a spandex mens swimwear collection and a cool underwear and panties collection. We love things tight against our cocks. We love people playing with our cocks when they are in jockstrap for men designs. Guys like me enjoy and get turned on by wearing extreme mens swimwear, tiny micro bulge g-strings on the beach so everyone can see my bulge and even the brown hole when I spread my legs.


Here is another Koalaswim original by Michael David

Smoking Gun Micro

The Smoking Gun Micro is what happens when
customers get involved with the design aspects of their swimwear. There were a
lot of men in the world that love the design of the original Smoking Gun, but wanted something a bit
different. They wanted something just a tiny bit smaller and in a nude sheer
material that would show off what they had inside upon closer inspection, but
keep prying eyes away at a distance. The result of the customers’ demands is
the Smoking Gun Micro in all its
wonderful glory.

The object
was to give those guys that didn’t necessarily have large cocks the opportunity
to fill out the shaft like they wanted to with the original Smoking Gun. The addition of the
adjustable rear straps gives you the chance to set your cock exactly where you
want it for that sexual overload you want out of something as hot as the Smoking Gun Micro. This is the perfect
option for any man that wants to have that feeling of wearing a second skin
over his cock while he is walking down the beach or just laying out getting a
tan in the back yard.

You can’t
get any better than the Smoking Gun Micro
if you have a smaller sized cock but still want to show it to the world around
you. Of course, your partner is going to absolutely love seeing you wearing
this piece around the house, too, and it also makes for a great party item.
This is the type of swimwear that all guys should be wearing and only Koalaswim.com
can offer it to you. The Smoking Gun
is the one micro pouch that you are going to absolutely love to wear
no matter what you are doing or how big your cock really is.