Discovering the Sexual Aspects of the Jockstrap for Men

Most guys that put on a jockstrap for men don’t ever think about the sexual aspects that could come with something of this nature. They are usually just thinking about the protection of their cock and balls and nothing else. But there is a group of guys in the world that know how exciting it is to have a jockstrap on while they are having sex. These are the guys that you are going to want to talk to when you finally decide that wearing a jockstrap might be something you want to bring into your bedroom.

Now you can go online and see that there are thousands of different jockstrap for men sites on the Internet that are offering some incredible deals. But if you are planning on wearing your jockstrap in a sexual manner, then you are going to want to find something that is highly erotic, even if it means spending a bit more money on it. I wouldn’t spend too much money on a jockstrap, though, especially if this is your first encounter with having one used during sex. It might make you feel like you are missing out on something as you will only be thinking about how much it costs.

There are various jockstrap for men designs available that have the erotic bent you are trying to find. At least you are looking for it now since you are still reading this. The power of suggestion and all that. You know you want to see what it would be like wearing some sexy and erotic jockstrap for your partner so start looking around online for them. This is the perfect time for you to bring something new to the bedroom and wearing a jockstrap is definitely something new for most people. Just try it out and see what your partner has to say about it. Things may change drastically for the better.



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Jockstrap for Men Not Just for Sports Anymore

Jockstrap for Men Not Just for Sports Anymore

Finding a
jockstrap for men is pretty easy when you consider that every sporting good
section of any local store is going to carry them. Of course, those are
probably not the ones that you are looking for since you aren’t exactly trying
out for the varsity football team anymore. You are going to want the more
erotic versions of these devices that include things like cock rings and the
addition of anal plugs. Sadly, those stores aren’t going to be carrying
anything like that for you. Locating those items is going to require you to
look around online or in adult books stores for them instead.

I used to
wear a jockstrap for men when I was in high school sports and understood their
benefits at that time. But it wasn’t until about a year ago that I was turned
on to the erotic options of these items by my partner who showed me there was
much more involved than simply holding a cup and protecting your package. They
were a complete turn on for me and I have been wearing them ever since; even
putting them on under my underwear and clothing while I am at work or just out
for the day.

You will
soon learn that an erotic jockstrap for men can be more pleasing than any of
the other toys or clothing options you might have in your closet or drawers.
You will have to get used to wearing them for a few days, but once you do, there
is no stopping the amount of excitement you can find within them. Even your
partner is going to enjoy seeing you walking around in them and want to share
in the experience. That is what wearing items like this is all about after all,
and that is why you will continue to wear them for as long as you can stand it.
Since they’re pretty comfortable, that may be for a very long time.

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Jockstrap for men spandex freaks

Spandex freaks, jockstrap freaks, underwear freaks some of us all all of those and more. There is no doubt that they are all closely related and most likely if you are fond of jockstrap for men designs you might just have a spandex mens swimwear collection and a cool underwear and panties collection. We love things tight against our cocks. We love people playing with our cocks when they are in jockstrap for men designs. Guys like me enjoy and get turned on by wearing extreme mens swimwear, tiny micro bulge g-strings on the beach so everyone can see my bulge and even the brown hole when I spread my legs.


Here is another Koalaswim original by Michael David

Smoking Gun Micro

The Smoking Gun Micro is what happens when
customers get involved with the design aspects of their swimwear. There were a
lot of men in the world that love the design of the original Smoking Gun, but wanted something a bit
different. They wanted something just a tiny bit smaller and in a nude sheer
material that would show off what they had inside upon closer inspection, but
keep prying eyes away at a distance. The result of the customers’ demands is
the Smoking Gun Micro in all its
wonderful glory.

The object
was to give those guys that didn’t necessarily have large cocks the opportunity
to fill out the shaft like they wanted to with the original Smoking Gun. The addition of the
adjustable rear straps gives you the chance to set your cock exactly where you
want it for that sexual overload you want out of something as hot as the Smoking Gun Micro. This is the perfect
option for any man that wants to have that feeling of wearing a second skin
over his cock while he is walking down the beach or just laying out getting a
tan in the back yard.

You can’t
get any better than the Smoking Gun Micro
if you have a smaller sized cock but still want to show it to the world around
you. Of course, your partner is going to absolutely love seeing you wearing
this piece around the house, too, and it also makes for a great party item.
This is the type of swimwear that all guys should be wearing and only
can offer it to you. The Smoking Gun
is the one micro pouch that you are going to absolutely love to wear
no matter what you are doing or how big your cock really is.