Jockstrap for men spandex fetish fun

Jockstrap for men
is commonly the traditional looking tight boxers so it seem. But the fashion
has leveled up the designs and made it to look hot and sexier.  I want to use them as my daily underwear, it
makes me horny and achy with a tinge of anticipation of what will happen once
my man finds out I am wearing one under my pants. I like the sensation it give
me from the moment I wear it up to the end of the day when it is time for sex
with my man.

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The build up of sexual urges and the excitement it brings
me is such a surprise. Really, I never thought I would be this excited when I
wear it. All I know was I wanted to wear the jockstrap for men because it looks so sexy and I feel I had to get
one for me to wear. Now I have a collection of them and I wear it daily. It
gives me a free feeling to be sexy me! Yes, the man I sleep with likes it too.
But he likes it even more when I am wearing it because he can see me entirely
yet still covered enough to be teased. He likes the look of my dangling erected
shaft that sticks out before him. I am such a hot dish.


Jockstrap for men high style

The typical jockstrap for men is by no means a fashion statement. When most guys are looking for a jockstrap for men they are looking for support. That was the way it used to be! now your typical jockstrap for men might just be a high fashion statement. A jockstrap so hot you could wear it to the beach, use them as underwear and yes have all the support in the world. The photo below is the Ballz suit by mens swimwear, fetish spandex, Lycra sex wear and a whole lot of erotic high fashion gear.

These are jockstrap styles that men want to see, women want to see and I love to wear!


Jockstrap for men

Jockstrap for men high fashion from