Jockstrap for Men and Partner Fun

My partner decided to spice thing up in the bedroom by wearing a jockstrap for men. I thought he had lost his mind as every time I see a jockstrap I think about all the teasing I got when I was a kid in gym class. I just couldn’t understand why he would think something like this would spice up anything, especially in our bedroom. But he actually looked pretty good in it and I was willing to give it a try just to see what it would be like. I am glad I did, too, as it turned out to be the sexiest thing ever.

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Now, you have to understand that the jockstrap for men he was wearing was completely different from the ones that you would normally see guys wearing in gym class. This was like an extra special sexy type of design versus the typical jockstrap that holds a cup in place to protect yourself with sports. This was something that I had never seen before and, once I realized just how sexy it was on him, all I could think about was ripping it off. But it’s much better to keep the strap on and have fun that way.

He has worn that jockstrap for men almost every night since purchasing it and it has definitely spiced things up quite a bit. In fact, I would have to say that our time in the bedroom has doubled since he started wearing that strap and, now, I am thinking about buying my own to go along with it. I want it to be a secret, though, so that I can surprise him the same way that he did with me. I might even start wearing mine all the time so that I can keep that sexiness going even while I am at work.

Be Brave and Try Out a Jockstrap for Men

Jockstrap for Men

Be Brave and Try Out a Jockstrap for

The typical
jockstrap for men fetish is something that you will have to try in order to
fully understand. There are times when wearing something like this can be
highly beneficial and there are times when it’s just plain sexy, too. If you
have an erotically charged sex life, then wearing something like this can
definitely make things a bit easier on you and your partner. Just imagine how
fast a quickie could actually be while you are wearing something that doesn’t
have an ass attached to it. There could be no stopping all the fun you could be

Of course,
there are some guys that wear jockstrap for men items that aren’t even worried
about the sexual aspect of them. They just want to have something that is
exciting and fun to wear while they are doing whatever it is they like to do.
The good news is that items like this are usually some of the most comfortable
things you could ever wear. It is this fact that always brings the men back to
them no matter what else is out there to wear. Sometimes you just have to go
with what feels good and not worry about all the other options that might pass


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A New Life for Jockstrap for Men

Jockstrap for Men

A New Life for Jockstrap for Men

There has
never been another time in history when a jockstrap for men has ever been used
in a sexual or pleasurable manner. Most of the time guys are wearing them for
the simple aspect of protecting themselves with a cup while playing contact
sports. Now, though, men have the option of purchasing more erotic versions of
this helpful accessory in order to have a bit more fun in their lives. It may
sound a bit odd at first, but after wearing them for a bit of time, you will
get used to the idea.

jockstrap for men that you choose to wear should be something you are
comfortable in. This means you aren’t going to head out to your local sporting
goods store and pick out a jockstrap that you would have worn in high school.
You want to find one online that is going to give you a bit of an extra feeling
while you have it on because you are looking for fun rather than not being
kicked in the nuts. Although, not getting kicked in the nuts would be quite
good as well unless you have a testicular torture fetish that you like to enjoy
from time to time.


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Jockstrap for men extreme spandex designs by cock and anal gear

Jockstrap for men extreme spandex designs by

The New Trend in Jockstrap for Men

Jockstrap for Men

The New Trend in Jockstrap for Men

Loads of
guys wore jockstrap for men while they were participating in high school sports
and were extremely happy to not have to wear them anymore once they graduated.
Of course, the jockstraps you had to wear for sports also sported the cup
inside them and that is usually what was so uncomfortable about them. But there
are many men around today that have found wearing a jockstrap without the cup
is much more comfortable to do, and it has turned into a huge fashion industry
these days. If you have never worn one in the past, then you should. You may be
surprised at how much you enjoy it.

jockstrap for men industry has seen a huge boost from guys that want something
sexy to wear under their clothing. There is something about having ass less
undergarments on that really drives guys wild apparently. Now, you could
understand why gay men would love to have something like this on, but there are
a lot of straight men that are choosing to wear them as well. The only thing
that you should be thinking about is how much comfort you want while you are
going about your daily routine and jockstraps are going to give it to you every


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Very extreme jockstrap for men with no sides or rear

I’ve been
hearing a lot of people talk about jockstrap
for men.
During this time I haven’t really had any chance to look at what
it is and how different it is from other types of underwear. I figured that a
lot people wouldn’t necessarily go crazy about it if it’s not really great so I
decided to go in search for it too on my own terms. Heavy duty cock gear, anal gear and jockstrap styles are available at mens swimwear

Jock strap for men most extreme support suit by

Jockstrap for men most extreme support suit by


I ended up
finding a lot of options when it comes to jockstrap
for men
. I am even impressed at how differnet they really look like. I
understood that a lot of people wouldn’t think and speak so highly of this kind
of underwear if it’s not really this great. A lot of people are really happy
with it too so I figured that it’s finally time that I also try it for myself.


I bought just
two pairs in the meantime but then when I wore it, I immediately fell in love
with jockstrap for men for sure. I
have found a perfect match for all of my garage needs. It’s really exciting and
I plan to really enjoy it as much as I possibly can. The jockstrap that I have
is really perfect for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Wearing Jock Straps for Fun and Style

Jock Strap for Men

Wearing Jock Straps for Fun and Style

If you’re a
guy that has been involved in athletics in the past, you’re most likely
familiar with jock straps. That’s because these are usually worn to help
protect a very special and precious area of the male body. Yeah, you combine a
jock strap with a cup and it keeps you from getting your cock bent in half or
shoved up to the back of your throat while you’re engaging in some of the more
extreme sports. Actually, the penis is at risk in just about all sports related
situations so the jock strap has had a purpose for being worn.

But what
about all of the other guys that wear jock straps just for fun? These are the
men that use them as underwear as well as part of their swimsuit designs. When
you know where to shop, you can find them in all sorts of colors, too, that
will match your outfit. Other people don’t have to know that you’re wearing a
jock strap under your stylish club ensemble. It will still help you in feeling
sexy and well put together while you’re out on that dance floor or anywhere
else that you may choose to wear it.


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Jockstrap for men to fit your body

Jockstrap For Men: The Power of Designs


A jockstrap for men
is one of the many things you ought to have if you want to become a full
pledged sex addict like me. How do you think this is possible? Simply imagine
yourself wearing a jockstrap with a design that strings your entire jock to
your butt and your body? Isn’t the thought itself exciting enough for you to
take in? Of course it is and if you really want to make sure that you get your
money’s worth, get a jockstrap that fits your dick and butt perfectly.


Avoid getting a jockstrap
for men
that’s a little too loose because then it will defeat the purpose
of making you look stylish and hot altogether. Of course, you might want to
make sure to get a color that complements your skin tone too because this will
certainly add to the overall appeal of what you’re wearing. Fact is, you will
really stand out if you’re able to pick the best jockstrap you truly deserve.


Consider yourself lucky because these days, there are more
and options for jockstrap for men
that has been made available for you. So your money will not really be put to
waste at all if you’re good at getting the one you truly deserve.

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Jockstrap for men insane anal plug cock ring suit by Male chastity

Jockstrap for men insane anal plug cock ring suit by


Is there anything more exciting to wear? Jockstrap for men designs rule!

Jockstrap for Men

There is a
fascinating subculture of men in the world that absolutely adore wearing jockstrap for men items on a daily
basis. Now, it is true that most of these guys are gay, but there are still
plenty of straight males willing to wear something like this because of the
comfort that they offer. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not, though;
wearing items like this can bring about a bit of tranquility that no other
items on the market can muster. You just have to be willing to wear them.

Finding your
jockstrap for men items isn’t all
that difficult these days. In fact, you can go into just about any sporting
goods store or most retail chains in the mall and find a jockstrap that you can
wear. On the other hand, if you want something that is designed for more than
just wearing while playing sports, then you need to head to You
will be amazed at the different options that are available to you on their
website, and you might just find that one design you have been searching for
throughout your life.

No matter
what you might think about jockstrap for
items and the guys that wear them, giving them a shot is the only way
you will be able to tell if this is something that you can be comfortable
wearing. You can’t look at a design and decide that you won’t like it. That
would be like not tasting food because of the way it looks on the plate. Sure,
it may not look appetizing but you would probably be surprised at just how good
it actually tasted once you got it in your mouth. The same thing can be said
with jockstraps only you wouldn’t be putting them in your mouth. You would be
wearing them, instead.


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Jockstrap for men with anal stretcher by intense cock gear

Jockstrap for men with anal stretcher by

Jockstrap for men spandex fetish fun

Jockstrap for men
is commonly the traditional looking tight boxers so it seem. But the fashion
has leveled up the designs and made it to look hot and sexier.  I want to use them as my daily underwear, it
makes me horny and achy with a tinge of anticipation of what will happen once
my man finds out I am wearing one under my pants. I like the sensation it give
me from the moment I wear it up to the end of the day when it is time for sex
with my man.

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The build up of sexual urges and the excitement it brings
me is such a surprise. Really, I never thought I would be this excited when I
wear it. All I know was I wanted to wear the jockstrap for men because it looks so sexy and I feel I had to get
one for me to wear. Now I have a collection of them and I wear it daily. It
gives me a free feeling to be sexy me! Yes, the man I sleep with likes it too.
But he likes it even more when I am wearing it because he can see me entirely
yet still covered enough to be teased. He likes the look of my dangling erected
shaft that sticks out before him. I am such a hot dish.


The Tighest Jock Strap for Men I Ever Wore

The Tighest Jock Strap for Men I Ever Wore


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It’s quite contradicting when I say that the tightest jockstrap for men that I have ever worn
is also the best. I wouldn’t certainly exchange this for anything else because
it makes up for a really great experience before and after sex. Just before I
have sex and when I’m starting to feel my dick harden, I enjoy the sensation
because it feels like a bird wanting to be freed.


And right after sex, I love wearing my jockstrap for men again because it kind of serves as a conclusion
to the fun that I just had. That is the very reason why my partner and I make
it a point to wear the same kind of underwear when we know that we’re having
sex for sure. And sometimes when we both forget, we would really spend a few
seconds to get into it for our own sake.


Jockstrap for men has therefore become one of my partners in crime especially when it
comes to sex. I love how I’m able to express myself as I would normally do and
still leave a part of me in the shadow for a surge of suspense.