Jockstrap for Men and Sexy Nights

If you are planning on wearing a jockstrap for men as an erotic option, then you probably want to take a look at the ones that are available online. You can use the regular jockstrap that you can find in any sporting goods store but they aren’t going to give you the same feeling of sexiness that you can get from ones specifically designed for sex play. I know it sounds odd to say something like that but it is absolutely true. I even tried a comparison to see which ones would work out better.

My partner loves it when I have my jockstrap for men on because he knows that we are about to have an extremely kinky and fun filled night in the bedroom. I like to tease him a bit by wearing it all day long and letting him sneak a peek every now and then. It makes things much more interesting when he has all that anticipation building up inside him throughout the day. Then he gets his chance to explode into action later that night and that is where the real fun begins to take place.

You might feel a bit strange wearing a jockstrap for men the first time around. I know I did, but it is definitely worth trying out. You have never really experienced the kind of gratification you can get from something like this until you have actually tried it out for yourself. You can read all the information you can find online about how great they are, but you will never truly know until you have one on your own body. That is when you will know for a fact that you are about to experience something that you never would have thought possible and that type of experience is something you will want to relive as often as possible.



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My Boyfriend and Jockstrap for Men

My Boyfriend and Jockstrap for Men

My boyfriend
has decided that we should both be wearing jockstraps for men around the house.
Now, I don’t have any issues with that since I wore one in high school for
football, but he doesn’t want us to wear anything else except the jockstraps. I
don’t know about you, but I would feel a bit awkward wearing only a jockstrap
around the house. Especially since I am the one that does all the cooking and
that could turn out to be a very bad idea if I’m cooking something that
splatters. You see my point.

I don’t mind
indulging my boyfriend by wearing jockstraps for men on certain nights for fun,
but wearing nothing except a jockstrap all the time just seems a bit odd to me.
I wasn’t all that thrilled with the way they fit when I had to wear them and
now he wants me to wear one all the time around the house. I was looking around
online to find a reason to not wear them when I came across a site that had
jockstraps for sell. The first thing I noticed was that these items weren’t
like the ones I wore in school; they were much sexier than that.


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That is when
I realized the jockstraps for men that he wanted us to wear were more for
erotic purposes than anything else. I found out that he wanted us to wear these
jockstraps in order for us to entice each other and have some fun so I decided
to give it a shot. I will say that it was a bit strange wearing nothing but a
jockstrap around the house, but once I got used to it, they turned out to be
very comfortable. I think I can get on board with this idea of his. In fact,
now I can’t wait to see him wearing a jockstrap, too.