A Colorful Jockstrap for Men


Most people think of a jockstrap for men in terms of those athletic devices that guys wear when they’re playing sports and want to protect the family jewels. In all honesty, the jockstraps used expressly for that purpose are some of the ugliest items ever known to man. It’s understandable that those things would never seem sexy or enticing in any way, shape or form. No, those aren’t the jockstraps that I’m talking about here. The ones I’m talking about are those newly created ones for men that want to be unique as well as ready for any sexual situation that may spontaneously present itself.


These new designs of a jockstrap for men are silky, sexy and colorful. They’re made to seduce and tempt those significant others in your life. Now while you may not have ever heard of or seen a colorful jockstrap, it’s fun to know that they do exist. Obviously, you probably won’t find them in any of the normal department stores, but you can find them on plenty of mens specialty websites on the Internet. That’s the best place to shop for them if you decide you want to try being a bit different for your partner.


Something else that should be pointed out with these particular jockstraps is that they are great if you happen to go clubbing a lot and tend to end up in a bathroom stall somewhere. A jockstrap for men will have you easily accessible in seconds. If the jockstrap you’re wearing happens to be colorful; that’s even better! Imagine how excited and delighted your partner of the moment will be at discovering what you’re wearing under your pants. In fact, other guys are probably going to be asking you where you found your particular jockstrap. Whether or not you decide to tell them is up to you. Just remember if you do share the information, you’ll have to find a different website to buy yours or you won’t be unique any more.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


Integrating Jockstrap for Men Designs into Your Life

Integrating Jockstrap for Men Designs into Your Life

Not all jockstrap for men designs are used specifically for sports related functions. There are quite a few that are being used in the bedroom to spice up relationships in ways most guys would never be able to imagine. Of course you have to be willing to explore that side of you in order to truly understand how it could work. Most guys aren’t willing to try something as strange as wearing a jockstrap in order to experiment with new sexual appetites in the bedroom. If they did, though, they would open up a whole new world for themselves.

I was interested in trying out new things when I came across this fetish having to deal with jockstraps for men and thought it would be interesting to try. Of course, I had to talk my partner into joining me in this little adventure and he wasn’t all that happy about it. He had no issues with trying out new things but didn’t think that wearing a jockstrap would be enough to consider it something erotic. However, he wasn’t aware of the designs that I had been looking into online or he would have known just how erotic things like this can be.

After I convinced him to try out jockstraps for men in the bedroom, he changed his mind about it. Now I have to make sure that I have a jockstrap ready every night just in case he wants to have some fun. I don’t mind all that much, but it was difficult when we only had one or two of them in the beginning. We have purchased quite a few of them over the last year or so and use them as often as we possibly can now. Sometimes you have to do something completely crazy in order to find the person you really are deep down.

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Trying out a Jockstrap for Men

Not very many guys realize that wearing a jockstrap for men isn’t all about sports and protection anymore. In fact, if you try to tell some guys that wearing things like this can be pleasurable; they will probably laugh at you. But the truth is there are a lot of different designs for jockstraps that will give you pleasure you never would have thought they could bring to your life. You just have to be open minded enough to see that wearing something like this can be beneficial to your sex life. If you can’t, then simply try one out for the fun of it.

I have been wearing a jockstrap for men for a few years and I am the furthest away from being a sporty type guy you could ever imagine. It amuses some of my friends that I would chose to wear something like this most of the time, but they don’t understand the amount of pleasure I get from having it on when in the bedroom. I have tried to tell them about it and the reason why I wear them, but they just don’t want to hear about it. I guess I can understand as I don’t want to hear about their fetishes, either.

I would say that you should check out a jockstrap for men just to try something different in your life. I know that for some guys; it might be a bit odd to try this as something erotic to wear in bed. On the other hand, you will soon understand the reasoning behind it from the second that you strap yourself into it. I can say that I wouldn’t change a thing in my life since trying these jockstraps on and that is something I never would have thought in the past. They are truly amazing pieces of clothing to wear and I cannot recommend them enough.



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Jockstrap for Men to Improve your Sex Life

Using a
jockstrap for men as sex wear is probably something most guys never considered.
It is unique and kind of disturbing at first, but, once you get used to the way
they fit, you will enjoy them. Being a gay man myself, I find that having a
jockstrap on in the bedroom makes things much easier for me and my partner. We
don’t have to worry about losing our underwear under the bed or something since
the jockstrap doesn’t have a backside to it. It’s a simple matter of having
some fun as far as we are concerned.

One thing
you should think about when looking for a jockstrap for men to take into the
bedroom is that you don’t want to purchase the ones from sporting stores. Sure,
they will work for the most part, but they are bulky and unsightly when you
think about it. You want the ones you can find online through specialty sex
shops that will entice and intrigue your partner when you have them on. The
kind of designs that will show your partner you mean business when you are
looking for a bit of fun and not a cup to protect your balls with.

Don’t be
afraid to wear your jockstrap for men out in public, either. One of the games
that my partner and I like to play is the quickie at noon. When we are busy at
work and only have a few minutes to play around with, having the jockstrap on
makes things much easier. We may sound like perverts to some people out there
but using these jockstraps has made our relationship stronger than ever and
opened us both up to new sexual experiences that we might never have thought
about trying. At least you should think about it before dismissing it


Discovering the Sexy Jockstrap for Men

Discovering the Sexy Jockstrap for Men

I found out that they offer a jockstrap for men that
can be used as a fetish device for greater sexual satisfaction. I wasn’t sure
how wearing something that I used to wear while playing high school sports was
going to increase my sexual satisfaction, but I was interested in finding out.
Then I discovered they aren’t really the same as what I used in sports. They
are actually designed with the aspect of sex in mind and not the protection
that I needed back in the day. It was kind of mind blowing to see something
like that.

The fact that someone took a jockstrap for men and
made it into something to be used during sex simply amazed me beyond belief. I
never would have thought of using something like this and turn it into some
kind of fetish wear. In fact, if someone had come up to me and told me that
they were going to take a jockstrap and turn it into sex wear ten years ago; I
would have laughed in their face. But here I am looking at them online and
wondering just how exciting it would be to wear something like this in my own

So after some consideration; I finally decided to
give a jockstrap for men a try and, low and behold; I actually like them. I
love the fact that I can wear them as underwear beneath my clothes and no one
has to know about it unless I show them personally. The fact that this type of
fetish wear keeps me turned on is absolutely amazing to me and something I hope
never stops. Once I start getting bored with something like this; I will simply
move on to something a bit more advanced if I can find it. However, I am sure
that someone out there has thought of something like that already.

Wearing the New and Improved Jockstrap for Men

Wearing the New and Improved Jockstrap for Men

When it
comes to wearing a jockstrap for men, you have to understand that you aren’t
going to be wearing it like you would if you were playing a sport. Instead, you
are going to be wearing these jockstraps under your normal daily clothes and
walking around in public with them on. Now that might freak some guys out, but
for the rest of us, there is a level of comfort you just can’t get anywhere
else. The fact that it is coming from a jockstrap is just one of those things
you are going to have to get used to in order to enjoy the full experience.

I have been
wearing a jockstrap for men like I would underwear for close to six months now
and I wouldn’t change anything about it. I love how easy they are to get on and
off and how they don’t tend to bunch up like my old boxers used to do. I also
find them mildly erotic in nature when I have them on, which is a feeling I
really enjoy. It’s not so erotic that I am walking around with an erection all
the time, but erotic enough that I can feel like a totally different guy while
wearing them.


Sorry no real models today just a photo of me wearing a jockstrap style spandex suit with built in anal plug cock ring combo which is deep inside of me and a fully exposed shaft and individually display balls up front.

If you have
ever worn a jockstrap for men design, then you know what it’s like to feel
completely free while walking around. Whenever I wore my regular underwear, I
always felt like I was just another cog in the machine doing my daily routine
like everyone else in the world. But once I started wearing a jockstrap, I felt
like I was an individual that could make up his own mind on how to live his
life. It is truly an amazing experience to go through and something that I feel
every guy out there should try at least once in his life.


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New Uses for the Old Jockstrap for Men

Jockstrap for Men

New Uses for the Old Jockstrap for Men

Most guys
aren’t aware that a jockstrap for men has more to it than simply protecting the
family jewels while playing sports. Well, they don’t actually protect anything,
but they allow the cup to fit properly so that it can protect you better. The
point is, most guys only associate a jockstrap with that type of purpose and
nothing else. You may be surprised to find that they can be used as some of the
sexiest looking and functional underwear you could ever imagine these days. If
you don’t believe that, then take a look at some of the erotic designs that are
available and see what kinds of things start popping into your mind.

The erotic
jockstrap for men has taken on the look and basic functionality of the
traditional jockstrap and turned it into a sexual powerhouse to explore. You
just have to be willing to push the limits of your own sexual exploration and
look deeper into what you want to experience in your life. If you can do that,
then you can find a jockstrap that will turn your entire life completely around
into something that you will enjoy. It’s really simple when you think about it
and besides, wearing one of these jockstraps will have you wondering where you
might be able to have sex next.


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Feel Sexy Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Feel Sexy Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Wearing a
jockstrap for men is fundamental when it comes to contact sports, but it can
also be quite exciting for those nights alone with your partner having fun. I
love wearing mine whenever I get the chance and, lately, that seems to be quite
frequently. Ever since my partner found out just how sexy I look wearing
something like this, it’s the only thing I am allowed to wear around the house.
That makes it a bit strange for people that come over to visit unexpectedly,
but it’s still quite a lot of fun.

Jockstrap for men extreme spandex Lycra penis fetish gear by koalaswim.com

Jockstrap for men extreme spandex Lycra cock fetish gear by koalaswim.com

Now, you may
not find the jockstrap for men aspect to be all that much fun, but if you give
it a try, you might change your mind. There are few things in life that can get
a guy feeling excited more than wearing a jockstrap just because he can. You
would be surprised at the amount of times my partner and I have sex simply
because I am wearing a jockstrap and my partner just can’t control the urges
anymore. Maybe it’s about time you took a walk on the wild side and picked out
something to wear that you normally wouldn’t just to see what happens.


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Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

I used to
wear a jockstrap for men when I was in sports, but apparently there is a fetish
regarding the wearing of these items now. I had no idea that something I used
to wear to keep my cup in place and protect my balls would ever be considered
something sexy to wear in the bedroom. I guess it takes all kinds to make the
world move around. I just wish I knew that it was going to be something of a
trend when I still was wearing my old jockstrap in high school.

jockstrap for men fetish these days has a few differences, though. I have found
some that I would never attempt to wear as protective gear simply because they
aren’t really protecting much of anything. In fact, they look more like they
are showing parts of your body off rather than keeping it tucked away nice and
safe. I guess you wouldn’t want to get hit in the balls either way, but these
erotic options for jockstraps would definitely make you think twice about
accidently putting one on before a big game. Either way, I might just have to
try one of these someday to see what all the fuss is about.


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Jock Strap for men by koalaswim.com penis and anal wear

Jock Strap for men by koalaswim.com

Advantages of Wearing a Jockstrap for Men


Advantages of Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

There are
some guys that wear a jockstrap for men simply because they offer some
protection in regards to the sports they are playing. Then there are guys that
wear items like this because they simply enjoy them. Those types of jockstraps
are less protective and more entertaining than the typical jockstraps, and that
is the main reason for wearing them on a daily basis. You will also find that
it’s much easier to have sex while wearing such a device because of the ease of
access you get.

Now, you may
not be one of those guys that is comfortable wearing a jockstrap for men on a
regular basis, but if you give yourself the opportunity to at least try them,
you will more than likely fall in love. These are items that guys have been
wearing for years without realizing the sexual nature of them, and now you can
experience that as well. Thousands of men around you are wearing these
jockstraps on a daily basis and you don’t even know about it. So why not start
being like all those other guys and pick out a jockstrap that you can wear? At
least consider the possibilities of wearing something like this before you
discount it totally.


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