Wearing Jock Straps for Fun and Style

Jock Strap for Men

Wearing Jock Straps for Fun and Style

If you’re a
guy that has been involved in athletics in the past, you’re most likely
familiar with jock straps. That’s because these are usually worn to help
protect a very special and precious area of the male body. Yeah, you combine a
jock strap with a cup and it keeps you from getting your cock bent in half or
shoved up to the back of your throat while you’re engaging in some of the more
extreme sports. Actually, the penis is at risk in just about all sports related
situations so the jock strap has had a purpose for being worn.

But what
about all of the other guys that wear jock straps just for fun? These are the
men that use them as underwear as well as part of their swimsuit designs. When
you know where to shop, you can find them in all sorts of colors, too, that
will match your outfit. Other people don’t have to know that you’re wearing a
jock strap under your stylish club ensemble. It will still help you in feeling
sexy and well put together while you’re out on that dance floor or anywhere
else that you may choose to wear it.


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One thought on “Wearing Jock Straps for Fun and Style

  1. Wearing those swimsuits that are designed like jock straps are what I love! I wear them to the clothing optional beaches all over the place. I used to try to sneak onto public beaches wearing them but I kept getting into too much trouble. So now I wear them under whatever swimsuit I have on when I go to public beaches and I wear them alone when I get to swim at nude beaches. Believe or not, those aren’t all that hard to find no matter where you live. You just might end up traveling a little bit to get to one, but a lot of them are centrally located.
    Anyway, I can’t really say how I got into wearing jock straps for fun. At first it was always just when I played football but then I sort got in the habit of putting one on when I got dressed to go somewhere. It may sound kind of weird, I guess, but it’s good to see that it’s now a style. It makes me feel less kinky. The only trouble I have is when I’m with someone new for the first time. Usually, I end up not wearing a jock strap that first time out. It keeps from having to explain a lot.