Jockstrap for men cock wear

Yes I have always loved jockstrap for men cock wear. I still like walking around the locker room wearing nothing but a jockstrap, hanging out with other jockstrap for men wearers and meeting new guys in the steam room. I aways walk in wearing a jockstrap put my towel down next to someone that makes eye contact (my gym is in West Hollywood and there are always men who will suck your cock) than I slip of my jockstrap exposing my completely shaved and hairless cock. I have had many men say I look like a kid in high school who has not got hair yet. Could be that my cock is also on the small side but it sure gets used a lot.  Thanks to wearing jockstrap for men designs.

My favorite company mens swimwear, cock wear, spandex fetish wear are now creating one of the largest selections of male chastity cages on the web. You should take a look. Though I would post a newer photo of a male chastity cages that makes my cock tingle.


Koala male chastity cage

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