Feel Sexy Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Feel Sexy Wearing a Jockstrap for Men

Wearing a
jockstrap for men is fundamental when it comes to contact sports, but it can
also be quite exciting for those nights alone with your partner having fun. I
love wearing mine whenever I get the chance and, lately, that seems to be quite
frequently. Ever since my partner found out just how sexy I look wearing
something like this, it’s the only thing I am allowed to wear around the house.
That makes it a bit strange for people that come over to visit unexpectedly,
but it’s still quite a lot of fun.

Jockstrap for men extreme spandex Lycra penis fetish gear by koalaswim.com

Jockstrap for men extreme spandex Lycra cock fetish gear by koalaswim.com

Now, you may
not find the jockstrap for men aspect to be all that much fun, but if you give
it a try, you might change your mind. There are few things in life that can get
a guy feeling excited more than wearing a jockstrap just because he can. You
would be surprised at the amount of times my partner and I have sex simply
because I am wearing a jockstrap and my partner just can’t control the urges
anymore. Maybe it’s about time you took a walk on the wild side and picked out
something to wear that you normally wouldn’t just to see what happens.


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Jockstrap for Men Traditionalist

Jockstrap for Men Traditionalist

I would love
to wear a jockstrap for men, but I don’t think that I can handle something like
that. I would feel a bit out of place walking down the street knowing that I
was wearing a jockstrap under my pants. Since it would be bothering me that I
was wearing something like that, the people that I pass on the street would
probably start thinking that there was something wrong with me. I know they can
be highly comfortable and everything, but it just seems a bit strange to wear
one unless you are playing some kind of sport.

Maybe the
idea of wearing a jockstrap for men isn’t something that I can fully
understand. Maybe I just don’t feel the same way about things like this that
other guys tend to. Whatever the reason, I just don’t think it would be
something that I could be comfortable with on a daily basis. Now, I might be
talked into wearing one around the house from time to time, if it was just me
and my partner, but anything other than that, I don’t think would work. I guess
I am more of a traditional type guy when it comes to wearing things like this
but that doesn’t mean I’m not open minded.


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Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

Trying out a Jockstrap for Men for Sexiness

I used to
wear a jockstrap for men when I was in sports, but apparently there is a fetish
regarding the wearing of these items now. I had no idea that something I used
to wear to keep my cup in place and protect my balls would ever be considered
something sexy to wear in the bedroom. I guess it takes all kinds to make the
world move around. I just wish I knew that it was going to be something of a
trend when I still was wearing my old jockstrap in high school.

jockstrap for men fetish these days has a few differences, though. I have found
some that I would never attempt to wear as protective gear simply because they
aren’t really protecting much of anything. In fact, they look more like they
are showing parts of your body off rather than keeping it tucked away nice and
safe. I guess you wouldn’t want to get hit in the balls either way, but these
erotic options for jockstraps would definitely make you think twice about
accidently putting one on before a big game. Either way, I might just have to
try one of these someday to see what all the fuss is about.


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Jock Strap for men by koalaswim.com penis and anal wear

Jock Strap for men by koalaswim.com