Jockstrap for men it feels so good!

everyone has seen and used the jockstrap for men just yet. It is out in the adult market and
ready for you to try on. This tiny strappy piece of sexy clothing is a very
comfortable article to wear by men. It is not solely meant to entice your
partner but also for you to feel comfortable enough and sexy for yourself. It
is a common notion that men wanted to look good for their partners, that is
already a given. You want to swoon your partner with your looks and with your
sexy aura, but that does not mean your inner self doesn’t want to feel it too.


Using a jockstrap
for men would make you comfy and sexy at the same time. It will be like
naked below there but not totally naked in reality. The feeling is just very
cozy and secured. The little straps that wraps around your waist to hold the
article in place is pure relaxing. This way you can move around as if you are
not wearing anything underneath and feel the sexiness ooze out from you. You
will feel it and it will show on your face how comfy you feel wearing it.

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Photo of me wearing a sexy jockstrap style spandex sex suit.

Jockstrap for men sex suit by me wearing a sex suit

Jockstrap for men sex suit by me wearing a sex suit




Jockstrap for men fetish fashion

Jockstrap for men by

Jockstrap for men by

Jockstrap for men

The jockstrap for men is one of the most ingenious and
important pieces of clothing ever made for men. Without the invention of the
jockstrap for men there would be lots of un-supported athletes running around
most likely in pain and many with very low hanging balls. The funny thing is
that the jockstrap for men has become much more than a part of your sporting
play outfit.  There are many men who wear
them instead of underwear. There are many men who are into the jockstrap for
men designs as a fetish and in fact the a large groups of men all over the
world that get together as fetish groups, play groups, wrestling in jockstrap
groups and jockstrap parties that are often for gay men but most of the time
any into wearing jockstraps and nothing else are very welcome to join in.
Groups that offer fetish jockstrap for men play are mixed in nature with many
of the members gay, straight and bi but all sharing the unique turn on wearing
and playing in jockstraps offer.  The
jockstrap for men has become a huge fashion statement and is big business now
that what was once a fetish is going very mainstream as an important part of
your men’s wardrobe.

Jockstrap for men designs and styles by mens swimwear


Jockstrap for men and bikinis, thongs, g-strings & extreme spandex

Jockstrap for Men

Have you
ever wondered what it would be like to wear a jockstrap for men all day long without having that stupid cup in
the way? Well, now you have that chance by purchasing an erotic jockstrap form mens swimwear.
These aren’t your typical jockstraps that you wore in baseball practice,
though. These are created specifically for the sexual aspect of your life and
that is something every guy is looking to make better. You just have to be
willing to try something new out every once in a while, and these are the new
things you really need to try.

Gay men love
the jockstrap for men items since
they don’t have to worry about taking their underwear off to enjoy sex. But
it’s not just for gay men, either. Straight men can enjoy a little bit of fun
while wearing these items as well, and that says it all. Every man can wear a
jockstrap and find something that they will enjoy about having it on, even if
it is just the fact that they can wear them out in public without people
knowing that it is all they have on under their clothing.

Just think
of how great you would feel by wearing your new jockstrap for men from to the office. You can sit
through just about any office meeting that you have to and have that sense that
the world is perfect just because you have your jockstrap on. If that doesn’t
get you to head over to and start looking through their options,
then nothing will. It’s a choice that you are going to have to make and that
choice could end up changing your life. So make sure you consider all of the
opportunities that you might be missing out on if you decide not to wear one.


Jockstrap for men extreme bikinis, thongs and g-strings by

Jockstrap for men extreme bikinis, thongs and g-strings

Jockstrap for men Micro swimwear

Most jockstrap for men wearers are into all sorts of sexy designs. I love jockstrap for men designs. I think most guys who are into jockstraps are into things like spandex micro swimwear,bulge wear, fetish cock wear, penis display suits and Lycra sex wear. I have a large Jockstrap for men collection but my spandex collection must be ten times the size in fact just my cock display collection is larger. I have what most would say is a very small penis but when I wear something like a mens swimwear cock stretcher it always turns heads at adult swinger parties and I get a ton of action. Even guys come up and suck my cock. Straight guys who get so turned on that even with their wife or girlfriend right there will do it. Nothing like have a husband wife combo suck your cock in front of a crowd until it blows. Spandex sex and fetish wear opens the door to adventure more than any other type of clothing.

If you are a jockstrap for men wearer and enthusiast you might be interested in this style. The rear as you can see is an anal hook going deep inside of my ass. Fun from the front and rear!

Jockstrap for men by with anal hook

Jockstrap for men by with anal hook