Jockstrap for men high style

The typical jockstrap for men is by no means a fashion statement. When most guys are looking for a jockstrap for men they are looking for support. That was the way it used to be! now your typical jockstrap for men might just be a high fashion statement. A jockstrap so hot you could wear it to the beach, use them as underwear and yes have all the support in the world. The photo below is the Ballz suit by mens swimwear, fetish spandex, Lycra sex wear and a whole lot of erotic high fashion gear.

These are jockstrap styles that men want to see, women want to see and I love to wear!


Jockstrap for men

Jockstrap for men high fashion from

Jockstrap for men penis stretching

I am a jockstrap for men lover and wearer. I am also into penis and ball stretching. My shaft is on the small side and penis stretching not only enlarges it but the guys love it when they are wearing a jockstrap for men and I arrive with my cock and balls being stretched to the max. You can see these wild designs at Koala mens swimwear but I included a photo of me and my tiny but stretched cock.