Jock Strap for men spandex fun

While I have
no issues with wearing other types of underwear or swimwear, when I am working
I absolutely have to be wearing my jockstrap
for men
. There is no other item on the market that can give me the comfort
I get from wearing this type of item while I am at work. Not only is it
comfortable beyond measure, but it also gives me a freedom that nothing else
can give to me. This is something that you will have to find out for yourself
by wearing a jockstrap for a few days.


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It took me a
couple days to get used to wearing my jockstrap
for men
the first time I owned one. It felt a bit odd to have something
like this on, but after a few days it was like I had been wearing them all my
life. If you are looking to purchase your first jockstrap, you should keep this
in mind and try to wear it around your home only for the first few days. You
don’t want to be walking around town with that feeling of wearing something
that is completely alien to you in all aspects.

If you have
been wearing a jockstrap for men for
a while, you aren’t going to want to change back to wearing anything else. Even
sex is better when you are wearing a jockstrap since everything is so easy to
get to. You don’t have to worry about taking anything off and you can be ready
at a moment’s notice if the urge hits you. While that isn’t something that
happens a lot to me, it does to other guys, and having your jockstrap on will
make everything easier for you in that consideration. Again, that is something
you will have to find out for yourself.

I have had
some random encounters of a sexual nature that made me very happy I was wearing
my jockstrap for men instead of any
other type of underwear. One of those was in a bathroom at a resort that I was
visiting for vacation, and if I hadn’t had my jockstrap on, it would have been
a bit more difficult to do what we were doing in that stall. Think of how much
easier it is to pull your pants down to your knees versus taking them and your
underwear all the way down to your ankles.

It’s as
simple as bending over when you are wearing your jockstrap for men rather than having to worry about taking
everything off, and you are still going to look extremely sexy in them.
Underwear just can’t do things like that for you, and you need to remember that
when you decide to purchase something form to impress your
partner. Easy access is always a bonus when you meet a random stranger that has
a hard cock and very little time to get undressed when the time arises. Take it
from me; having my jockstrap on has given me a lot of pleasure in the past.

No matter
what you might have thought about a jockstrap
for men
in high school while playing sports, these items are some of the
most comfortable and sexy items you will ever put on and wear. You may not have
liked wearing them back then, but when you aren’t forced to wear them for
protection and can wear them for convenience, there is nothing better. The
market is filled with all kinds of items out there that will make you look good,
but only a jockstrap can give you that comfort with the sexiness you deserve,
and only can give you all of that with a price that can’t be

Jockstrap for men cock wear

Yes I have always loved jockstrap for men cock wear. I still like walking around the locker room wearing nothing but a jockstrap, hanging out with other jockstrap for men wearers and meeting new guys in the steam room. I aways walk in wearing a jockstrap put my towel down next to someone that makes eye contact (my gym is in West Hollywood and there are always men who will suck your cock) than I slip of my jockstrap exposing my completely shaved and hairless cock. I have had many men say I look like a kid in high school who has not got hair yet. Could be that my cock is also on the small side but it sure gets used a lot.  Thanks to wearing jockstrap for men designs.

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My Fascination with My Jockstrap for Men

My Fascination with My Jockstrap for Men

I am one of
those guys that absolutely can’t go out in public without wearing my jockstrap for men under my clothes.
There is something that is extremely comforting about wearing an item like this,
and I have found that is one of the only places I trust to give
me the best quality of the money I have to spend. Of course, they have the best
prices for their items anyway, and that goes a long way with my decision to
purchase anything from them. Obviously, your decision is up to you in the long
run.  Extreme mens swimwear, spandex sex wear, Lycra fuck wear and male chastity cages.

One of the
things that I love about my jockstrap
for men
is the fact that I can wear them anywhere I go and not have to
worry about people thinking I’m a pervert or something if they happen to see me
in them. Not that I go around showing everyone what I am wearing underneath my
clothing. That would make me a
pervert, although I am sure there are some guys out there that would love for
me to show them what I bring to the party. Some of those guys actually get lucky
enough to see it, too.

Wearing a jockstrap for men is not some kind of a
fetish for me or anything like that. Although, while I do highly enjoy them and
they make me feel good while I am wearing them, I don’t get sexually excited or
an instant erection. But I do find
that I am free to move around any way that I want to and I don’t have to
readjust my cock when I do it. This means a lot to me as I have a rather large
cock that used to need regular adjusting when I was wearing common underwear.

Before I wore
my jockstrap for men, I was a
boxer’s guy. Whenever I wore my boxers, I would find my cock making it out of
that little hole, and that could become quite uncomfortable depending on where
I was and what I was doing. But with my jockstrap I don’t ever have to worry
about something like that happening to me again. My cock stays exactly where it
is supposed to stay, and I have no need to reach down and try to move it
around. It will also help me conceal an erection when I happen to get one,
which is another bonus.


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